Chris struggled with what seemed like falsehood in the many faces that presented themselves to the diary, the mirror … and The World. And talking to Claire didn’t help. She was a Daughter, Dentist, Dress Designer, Domestic Diva, Dog Lover and more – but she was fine with that.

“It’s not lying, Chris,” she said. “It’s a good thing … to have different facets.”

“But it’s different faces,” Chris replied, “I’m not just two-faced, I’m seven-faced. Prob’ly more. I’m a fake. If I’m pretending to be all those things then nothing is real.”

Claire looked at him with despair. “Chris, I’m your sister and it’s my job to tell you when you’re wrong – you’re not pretending. You are all those things.” She paused and rolled her eyes. “But, honestly, you can’t help the way you think. You’re a man. You think you have to be one thing … to be … ‘A Real Man’. But you don’t. It’s like multi-tasking. You just haven’t evolved yet to the point where you can get your head around it.

* * * *


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