once upon a time …

… a traditional beginning because, in many ways, I’m quite traditional. And in many ways … not.

It sounds like a cliché but it was Shakespeare that brought me to realise that the strong tie between words and emotions can be heightened through interpretation using the human voice so … putting my written fiction into the audio medium and sharing it via the internet combines the influences of the time-honoured writer with the universal scope of modern technology.

I’m launching this site at the very beginning of the New Year because it just seemed like ‘a very good place to start’. Each month, I’ll add another story (in both text and ‘podcast’ format) in one of the ‘short stories’, ‘longer stories (excerpts)’ or ‘children’s stories’ categories with the ‘very short stories’ page augmented randomly as bonus posts. And if you subscribe, you’ll receive an email whenever I post something new. (I’m currently no expert at the technical stuff nor have I quite got a handle on delivering the best audio ‘performance’ for the microphone so please bear with me as I aim to improve my skills in those areas.)

All I want from my writing is for people to read (or hear) it and ideally to get something from it, so if you think you know others who might find parts of this site interesting, please feel free to pass on the web address and I’ll do my best to add stories that might provide enjoyment, provoke emotion/thought or simply distract from the mundane or challenging aspects of  life.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. But mostly I really hope you’ll find something that appeals to you on these pages as they evolve. Thanks so much for listening/reading – and have an inspiring 2011!


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