march 2011

Hello to new visitors and welcome back to those who’ve already dabbled in ALOUD,

This month sees a number of additions to the site so I hope there will something there to interest most.

To replace ‘Travelling Time’ on the ‘children’s stories’ page (removed due to its inclusion in ‘100 Stories for Queensland‘ – see the post ‘minus one story … for a good cause‘), ‘The Monster, the Witch and Me‘ tackles a childhood issue with the dual weapons of poetry and fantasy. As well, there’s a new ‘short story’ entitled ‘Beautyand two more excerpts from my novel length manuscript, ‘Genuine Cherry Red‘.

There’s quite a contrast in style across these new additions, with ‘Beauty‘ inspired by the way we assess things aesthetically. (As it becomes clear that so many elements of life are cyclical,  the reverence once given to porcelain skin and the endowed ladies celebrated by Rubens became replaced by worship of the honeyed tan and then emaciated heroin chic. The reassurances that “it’s what’s inside that counts” mean less when appearance continues to evoke an immediate reaction. What could the future hold?)

The ‘Genuine Cherry Red‘ excerpts are clear indicators of the inspiration for this site – my attempts to harness the music of language – and ‘The Monster, the Witch and Me‘ seeks to answer the question, “Is there a monster in my bedroom? with both rhyme and reason … and a little magic thrown in to tease the imagination.

I do hope these provide some enjoyment.

Thanks for visiting the site. I do hope you check in again as more stories are added.


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