april 2011

Hello and welcome to a big month for ALOUD,

With minimal opportunities for publishing – and therefore, reading – mid-length stories, the versatility of the digital age means that now, there could be a place for a piece of writing that’s between a short story and a novel in length. So I set out to write a ‘long story’ specifically for the site, with the hope that the new addition will especially appeal to those who enjoy audiobooks or prefer a longer narrative than a traditional ‘short story’ can offer. So the ‘longer stories’ page is now not solely excerpts from novel length manuscripts.

The Juniper Days, will be released in three parts – serialised across the next few weeks, so as not to bombard you with too much all at once. Part 1, the longest of the 3, is online now. You might choose to wait for two more weeks until all three parts are online or you might prefer a weekly dose. It’s up to you. Equally, you’ll have the choice, as usual, of listening to or reading the story.

Set in and around an elite coterie of upper class rebels, literary masters and high flyers, the story evolved from its initial inspiration – an eloquent and entertaining obituary – to move in quite a different direction. It’s about the human need to belong somewhere … or with someone; the qualities that make us alike … and unalike. And it’s about the unexpected turns that life can take. It’s also just a little about bullfighters, movie stars and indulged socialites living the high life in Spain in the 1950s. I hope you find it entertaining.

Thanks again for reading/listening.


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