may 2011

Hello and Welcome to May at alisonearlsALOUD,

This month’s addition is probably as close to fantasy/horror as I’m likely to get in my writing. But following my endeavour to evoke some realistic events and reactions in “The Juniper Days“, something a bit more imaginary seemed as if it might offer a contrast. (For those that haven’t had the time yet to take in all three parts of the last month’s ‘longer story’, you can be assured that the tone and style of Part 2 is very different to that of 1 and that Part 3 offers some hope for the protagonist whose challenges were outlined in first installment … thanks so much to those that have taken the time to read/listen and responded so positively to the serialised story.) “The Meadow“, however, brings a fantastical element to the ‘short stories’ page for once. When a high-flier pays little regard to the ‘ordinary people’ he encounters on his path to greatness, he doesn’t realise that the world will exact revenge. Somehow. All-consuming selfishness can so often continue to be rewarded in the real world, perhaps fiction is the only place where we might have some form of satisfaction seeing condescending egotists get their comeuppance. As usual, it available to read OR be read to. Enjoy!


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