‘100 stories for Queensland’ released Tuesday 17th May

Hello All,

Just a quick mid-month post to alert those interested to the fact that the charity anthology ‘100 Stories for Queensland’ will have worldwide release in all formats from Tuesday the 17th of May. You can download the anthology as an eBook now (for A$4.99) from the ‘100 Stories …’ website and tomorrow the paperback version will become available for purchase (retailing at US$19.99 and ₤9.99). If you want to have your local bookseller order a copy (or several) on your behalf, you’ll just need to provide them with the ISBN 978-0-9871126-2-0 (eMergent Publishing). But if you’re planning to order online, why not join the Amazon Chart Rush tomorrow. Alternative online sources are The Book Depository (where postage is free) and the ‘100 Stories …” website (not until June when  eMergent Publishing’s printer, Lightning Source International, opens its Australian press in Melbourne).

My story, “Travelling Time”, was written for children but the anthology covers a range of genres and age groups so there should be something for everyone in there. And with each story infused with an uplifting tone AND all the profits going to those severely affected by the Queensland floods, buying a copy has to be a ‘win-win’. More information is available on the FAQs page of the ‘100 Stories …” site and you can also find links to many of the authors’ blogs by clicking on their names on the Authors page where their bios are listed.

Consider buying a copy for yourself or for a gift. The recipients will be more than just the birthday boy/girl … some hard-hit Queenslanders will really thank you!



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2 responses to “‘100 stories for Queensland’ released Tuesday 17th May

  • nikki johnston

    have ordered a couple of copies and can’t wait to read them! well done Alison – such a great initiative – and wonderful that one of your brilliant stories was chosen!

    • alisonearlsALOUD

      Thanks, Nikki! It’s such a great thing all round – money is raised for a good cause and we writers get some exposure (mind you, I don’t think they’ve indicated that mine’s supposed to be a children’s picture book so purchasers will get the impression that my style is overly simplistic and, as result, probably won’t be using the word ‘brilliant’ as you so kindly have!) Having had a preview of the contents, I should direct you to my current favourite story in the collection which I think will appeal to you … check out “B is for Benedict who Brushed All the Bears” when you get your copies – it’s a lovely story.

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