june 2011

Hello and Welcome to June at alisonearlsALOUD

Firstly, thanks to those who’ve so enthusiastically supported ‘100 Stories for Queensland’ – it’s easy to move on from the world’s calamities when new disasters seem to strike with horrible monotony, but those genuinely affected don’t get back to their lives as quickly, so your help – in whatever form – is truly appreciated. Obviously, the anthology continues to be available for purchase in its various formats so if you haven’t ordered one yet and think you or someone you know might enjoy a collection of uplifting flash fiction, check out my earlier post for direct links to vendors and info sites.

In an effort to offer variety, this month sees three additions to the site – two ‘very short stories’ and one new ‘children’s story‘. Though they’re quite diverse in style and subject matter, they have two things in common: they’re all short (the longest is less than 3 minutes) and, though tenuously, they’re all linked by the theme of pretending (though, you can judge whether the motivation for such is positive, negative or benign).

I hope you enjoy ‘Into the Blue Again‘, ‘The Theatre‘, ‘His Own Rainbow‘ and/or any other stories on the site.

Thanks for your interest.



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