july 2011

As the promotional voiceover man says “If you listen to only one alisonearlsALOUD podcast this year, then this should be the one.”

July’s addition to ALOUD is a longer story that genuinely capitalises on the audio focus of this site.  Based on a section of a draft manuscript but with substantial reworking to create the edition posted here, this new story falls under both categories on the “longer stories” page. I went back to that early manuscript – entitled “My Ancient Zephyr (The Story of the Jesus Man)” – when I remembered an element that would benefit significantly from telling in the audio format. And after significant rewriting – and additional augmentation – the result is the 40 minute piece, “Clenville Rubasco … Enhancing Any Moment.” I really hope you’ll get the chance to listen rather than read as, from about 14 minutes in, you’ll realise that that’s truly the best option for this particular story. (I know, though, that download limits, file formats and busy lives can stymie even the most determined so there’s still the text version as always for those who need to opt for that medium.)

I hope you enjoy the new addition or any parts of the site you view/listen to this month.

Thanks for visiting (and please spread the word to friends and/or colleagues that you feel might find some of the content interesting).



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