september 2011

Who would have thought that my Seinfeldian musings over the word ‘ruthless’ (i.e. if one can be ‘ruthLESS’, is it then possible to ‘HAVE ruth’?) would lead to this month’s story? The tone and style are certainly a long way from the renowned comedic wordsmithery of Jerry and the gang. But the story seemed to evolve in quite a natural way to become a portrait of loss and loneliness … and the low that is the bridge back to living in the world. But even without its references to soup nazis, close talkers and big salads, I hope you find something resonant in “To Have Ruth“.  As usual, you can listen to the audio version or head directly to the text page to read the story.

(And for those still musing over “Grandidier’s Vontsira“, the answer lies in the lower right corner of the story icon. A click on the last two words of the text version provides the solution … as does a traditional googling, of course.)

Thanks for listening/reading and do spread the word about alisonearlsALOUD when you can.


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