december 2011

This month marks the completion of a full year of posting for alisonearlsALOUD and from the perspective of alisonearlsHERSELF, it has been more rewarding than I had anticipated. Not only did I find myself exploring aspects of online publishing that I hadn’t even considered but, as a result of the site, I have had work published in an online zine originating in the U.S., been able to participate in and publicise a great anthology put together to raise money for Queensland flood victims and been asked to speak at a high school about writing /reading. From a creative perspective, I’ve been able to utilise the audio aspect of the site to put together stories with embedded music (Clenville Rubasco … Enhancing Any Moment) and I’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to write stories of lengths that would never reach an audience through the conventional world of publishing (The Juniper Days).

Before we embark on a new year of fresh fiction, this month I’ve added excerpts from two of my novel-length manuscripts. “The Piranha Dances” and “For Laika” are still not at a polished final draft stage but they’re pieces I’ve spent a lot of time on and would like to give readers a taste of some of the elements that could be contained in the full finished versions. So “The Three” and “First Meeting” are now on the ‘longer stories‘ page for you to listen to (or read, by clicking on the ‘book’ icon to the left of each excerpt). As “The Three” is the opening text of “The Piranha Dances”, it has been made Podcast #1 for that title whereas “First Meeting” occurs later in the story than the previously posted “Old Places, New Places” so it is labelled #2 in excerpts from “For Laika”.

Reflecting on the year of posting to the site, I’m personally most proud of “The Juniper Days” and the additional audio elements of “Clenville Rubasco …” from “My Ancient Zephyr”. So if you haven’t had the time during the year to read or listen to those ‘longer stories’, they might be yet another option for your time during the Christmas/New Year break.

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed or visited throughout the year. I’m looking forward to 2012 and the new ideas and creativity it may bring to us all!



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4 responses to “december 2011

  • nikki

    Happy alisonnniversary! great year… looking forward to all that time over Christmas and New Year to catch up on reading/listening!

    • alisonearlsALOUD

      Thanks, Nikki! Your positive responses have been good motivators. When I know someone’s read and enjoyed something, it really helps to keep the content flowing. I hope the New Year will bring some new additions that provide you with some more entertainment.

  • Joanne

    Congratulations Alison – what a year of achievements in writing for you. I’ve enjoyed listening your pieces through 2011, and look forward to more creativity and stimulation in 2012.


    • alisonearlsALOUD

      Thank you SO much for all the listening you’ve done! It has been great to know that someone’s heard those longer pieces that not everyone has time for. The fact that you’ve been able to fit those into a busy year has been a real morale booster for me so I’m EXTREMELY grateful.

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