january 2012

Hello and Welcome to the second year of alisonearlsALOUD!

If you’re reading this on the website, you may already have noticed that the animals from “Over the Wall” have escaped (yet again) to wish visitors to the site all the best of the season. They’re likely to hang around for the month but if you’re looking at this when that time is over, you can catch up with how the site looked with this screenshot of the homepage that greeted web visitors throughout January 2012.

But on to what this site is really about … a new year should bring fresh fiction so this month’s addition is a new short story, inspired by a number of accounts connecting dogs to a significant period of history and another revelation connecting an aspect of that period directly to Australia. (All will, hopefully, be revealed.) “One Summer with the Dogs of War” creates a fictional encounter that brings those disparate reports together. But, history aside, it’s the story of an understated but important relationship emerging in a sweltering Australian summer – one that brings together a determined young girl and a circumspect woman with a past that can never be left behind. So I hope you can make time to visit the short stories page and read or listen to “One Summer with the Dogs of War”. And perhaps then, come back through the months as new additions are made. I’m hoping to make this year one that really captivates readers – wherever they are and whatever their fictional tastes.

Thanks for visiting and a Happy New Year to you all!



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