february 2012


With our feet now firmly in 2012, February’s addition to alisonearlsALOUD is an excerpt that will flesh out more of the story alluded to in one of last year’s pieces. ‘Annamora’s Zephyr‘ is an extract from the first section of “My Ancient Zephyr:  The Story of the Jesus Man” (currently a very rough manuscript developed around a minor character from my first novel-length manuscript, “Genuine Cherry Red”). Vincent goes from bit player in “Genuine Cherry Red” to centre stage in “My Ancient Zephyr ” and it is an episode of his exploration of the world that plays out in the ‘longer story‘, “Clenville Rubasco … Enhancing Any Moment“. His expedition comes after a shattering event and a period of recuperation at the home of his eccentric aunt, Annamora. So, this month’s new story not only sets the scene for Vincent’s subsequent journey but aims to paint a portrait of a character who is more than simply a bystander to what follows. (As the new extract precedes ‘Clenville Rubasco …” in the manuscript, ‘Annamora’s Zephyr’ can be found as Podcast #1 under “My Ancient Zephyr …” on the ‘longer stories’ page, with ‘Clenville Rubasco …’ now moved to #2.)

Perhaps if you listen to/read ‘Annamora’s Zephyr’, you might be spurred on to explore what happens subsequently in the longer podcast – where an equally quirky personality enters Vincent’s life – in ‘Clenville Rubasco …‘? (If so, I’d recommend that you listen to that story, if you’re able, as my experimentation with the audio medium means an extra dimension for those who listen rather than read.) However, if your year has already cranked up to full speed, you might only have time to take in a ‘short story‘ or ‘very short story‘. Whatever way you find yourself able to experience the stories of alisonearlsALOUD, I really appreciate your interest and support. Thanks so much for reading or listening when you have time.


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