Bucket List Publications and my true tale from the Inca Trail

Hello All

Just a quick post to alert interested readers to the fact that a piece I wrote about my Inca Trail trek with my friend Liz has been published on Bucket List Publications. The site has 21,000 followers and over 33,000 daily readers – stats that render those from own site negligible! So, although it’s not fiction and it’s not ‘ALOUD’, I should have a few more people reading – and hopefully enjoying – something I’ve written. And that’s what it all about for me.

Included with the article is a gallery of the photos I took during our journey to Machu Picchu which are testament to the incredible beauty of the Andes and the amazing Incan ruins nestled in the mountains.

The perspective of a non-adventurer on a site dedicated to extreme travel and daring exploits is probably a rarity but those intrepid types probably need to have the insights of a homebody once in a while. And perhaps it indicates that, even with no preparation/training whatsoever and a shoulder-shrugging ‘oh-why-not’ attitude, the most spectacular sights are still accessible. (I’ll trudge though quite a few parts of the world if there’s something breathtaking to look at as I go … and the taking of my breath in such instances is guaranteed!)

So if you’re interested in ‘Trekking towards Selective Memory … an Inca Trail Adventure” and the visual splendor that I take no credit for (even a camera than came with the purchase of a scanner can capture stunning pictures of this remarkable place), click on the links in this post or head to Bucket List Publications where you might get some ideas for your next holiday!


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