june 2012

Hello to Subscribers, Followers and Random Visitors!

June 2012 brings not only two fresh ‘very short stories‘ but a new PAGE to alisonearlsALOUD. And, in this case, the ALOUD element isn’t present in any way. The new ‘look!‘ page allows those interested to more closely examine the images created specifically for the site (as well some pictures put together for some of stories on the site). Because in most cases, the square icon acts as a link to the text version of the story, it’s not straightforward for those icons to be easily magnified. And so, the ‘look!‘ page displays each of those icons on a larger scale. In addition, since I’ve created some illustrations for some of the children’s stories, a selection of those are also available for viewing (not the complete set for each story as I live in hope that, one day, a publisher might want to help me gain a wider audience so it’s best not to have everything available online to ensure there’s a paying audience out there to purchase such an item). Each time a new story is added to the site, its icon will be added to the gallery on the ‘look!‘ page. And if I put together any new images for the children’s stories that are currently online or for new additions, some of them might go up as well. (Obviously, this isn’t a site focussing on my designs but since I’ve put them together, I thought I’d make them accessible to those who might be interested.)

But, back to the real reason for alisonearlsALOUD … ‘A New Gauge‘ and ‘|Self|• Character, Nature‘ on the ‘very short stories’ page each briefly highlight the ways we can look at life and the things around us. As our views are influenced by  our experiences (including our observations of others’ behaviour), we can find ourselves at a point where our attitudes could shift. Involuntary change might force it upon us or we might consciously choose to examine our motives more closely but if you find yourself  considering a new perspective, it might mean that you begin to see even the most mundane aspects of daily life in a different light. It’ll take you less time to read or listen to both stories than it probably takes for you to read this post. But perhaps you might muse on one or the other for a few moments after the story ends. I’d like to think so.

However you choose to experience alisonearlsALOUD, I hope that you get some enjoyment from the site this month and in the months to come. And, if you do, please spread the word. I might write alone but I do so imagining people reading and listening to what I’ve come up with. So the more, the merrier!



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