july 2012

Hello All!

alisonearlsALOUD is bounding into July with a story about jumping. “Following Joe Darby” is based on the true story of an English man who had the ability to launch himself into the air with spectacular results. But the fictional character in the story who follows him might lead you to wonder who else might have made an impact and moved on to leave significant events evolving in their wake.

The late 1800s/early 1900s were times of global change where individuals who have become part of history were real people living their lives. And with records of those times being what they are, who knows how certain incidents were really set in motion? “Following Joe Darby” adds imagination and speculation to genuine information. And, at a length that suits those who like to listen to podcasts during their daily exercise or commute, I hope this short story hits the spot!

If you enjoy anything on the site, please spread the word.


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