august 2012

A new month brings new fiction to alisonearlsALOUD and August’s offerings will hopefully continue to ensure variety for the site.

With events finally underway in London, it seemed like an appropriate time to expose the very short story, ‘Olympiad‘, to the light of public scrutiny. It’s not strictly about Usain Bolt, sporting excellence or the glory of gold but I hope the allusion is evident to some.

The other addition is a new children’s story, ‘What do I think?‘ which, once I’d begun to write, made me realise the influence that Dr Suess had – and continues to have – on me. I had set out to write a rhyming piece with some catchy, repeatable nonsense-type phrases – as I know those can be enjoyable for both children and parents – and what evolved seemed quite ‘Suessian’ in style. So my affection for “Green Eggs and Ham” and “The Cat in Hat” must lurk quite close to the surface. At the heart, though, is the desire to encourage children to use their imaginations, to not always accept things purely on face value and to explore the endless possibilities our minds can create if we take away restrictions. (Perhaps there’s something there for us all – we do tend to lose that questioning, ‘what if?‘ outlook as we get older but … if we didn’t … what could we devise and what possibilities might become actualities!? Those that retain that open approach and take time to experiment in unexplored areas – Steve Jobs, for example – can change the lives of others in remarkable ways.) To make the most of the features of this site (and give yourself a few minutes to yourself), I’d recommend opting for the ‘listen’ option on this story. And if you really like the rhyme and rhythm, you can  join in as I read!

I hope you enjoy discovering the various stories on this site – by listening or reading – and continue to visit when you have the time. Thanks!



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