september 2012

Another month begins and some more reading/listening material is added to alisonearlsALOUD. This time, there are new excerpts from ‘The Piranha Dances’ and ‘For Laika’ on the ‘longer stories‘ page.

It was a morale boost that, in August, ‘For Laika’ reached the Finalist stage in the Chapter One Promotions Novel Competition in London. The judges’ feedback was that it was “unusual and engaging” so it would be great if, one day, a publisher and then some members of the book-buying public found it so. In the meantime, visitors to ALOUD not only have exclusive access to some portions of the novel, but can hear the author reading it aloud! This month’s extract/podcast, “The Fallout“, is a charged interaction that occurs following the previously posted “First Meeting“. In a world of suppressed emotions and dignified reserve, a domestic outburst is significant. And in Julia and Douglas’ middle-class marriage in 1958, such an explosion changes things … perhaps irrevocably. If you find “For Laika” interesting, leave a comment and I’ll be sure to add some more excerpts in the near future.

The Postcard Ladies” from “The Piranha Dances” offers a contrasting tone to such marital conflict. The light-hearted look at a group of retirees gathering together under an altruistic banner to conform to and defy the stereotypes applied to their time of life is just part of Emily Trudovic’s path through the story about the underground art of hand dancing. If you haven’t encountered Emily before, listening to/reading Podcast 1: “The Three” prior to this new addition should provide a helpful introduction.

I do hope you find one or both of these new pieces of fiction interesting. (Each can be found as Podcast 3 under their respective titles if you don’t use the links above). Any feedback is gratefully received.




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