october 2012

October is no ordinary month at alisonearlsALOUD. It might start with a post informing readers/listeners of a new addition to the site:
The ‘very short story’, Invisible is now online for those who’ve got a minute to spare (or 58 seconds, to be exact). Check it out now or bookmark the ‘very short stories‘ page for a brief interlude over coffee/tea later.

But that’s not all.

October is the month during which we celebrate the state of Queensland’s literary culture. Queensland Writers Week (8-14 October) comes during a time when government cuts are demonstrating a serious lack of understanding about the role of the arts and the importance of reading/writing in our society. So this fusion of writers, community groups, schools, libraries and organisations is all the more significant. With a program supported by the Queensland Writers Centre, any Queenslander/s passionate about writing, reading and ideas is/are encouraged to participate. And so, alisonearlsALOUD has its own ‘event’, taking place each day of that week …

From Monday the 8th of October, a unique story will begin. And each day following, until the 14th, it will continue to evolve.

Between a dog and a wolf

7 Days at Dusk

The French say that it is ‘Entre chien et loup’ (between a dog and a wolf) – that time when the world glows with the final warmth of sunlight and the promise of a dark starry sky. But in those periods of twilight, there can be uncertainty – an experience we wish we never had to endure but perhaps the time that we are most alive. When so much is possible. And life will be forever changed when the dust finally settles. In one week, there are seven dusks. And in seven dusks, who knows how many quandaries linger, waiting for conclusion?

7 days, 7 short tales

Drop in each day and read each mini-story as it’s posted or wait until the 14th when you can read – AND listen to – this featured piece in its entirety.

A young boy climbs a Mountain of the Dead in Saudi Arabia …
A professional couple ponder a career path through the world’s major cities…
A motley group of twelve try to reach a consensus on an alleged offense …
An urban youth deals with survival in a violent culture …
Everyone everywhere can find life a struggle.
And every day there is another dusk.

Head to the ‘short stories‘ page from the 8th and see it all unfold.

But be warned … the full piece will only be available online from the 14th until the end of of October – following that, it’ll be removed and revised in the hope that it might be published elsewhere in the future.

And in the meantime, check out Invisible or one of the other permanent stories on the site.



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