november 2012

After a fiction-filled October for the more mature reader, the new month heralds a change of focus with an additional story for children and some fresh illustrations for the already available “What do I think?” So head to the ‘look!’ page to check out Ernesto McSpink and his musings in visual form or go to ‘children’s stories‘ to listen to “The Ugly Grubling”. The latter uses rhyme to take a closer look at the messages of transitional tales where nondescript creatures evolve into dazzling beauties – since many of us fail to blossom in such a way, does that mean that all is lost? (Spoiler alert … no.)

So if you know a young person who’d benefit from some encouragement to use their imagination or a bit of support to quell some insecurity, have a look or a listen to “What do I Think?” or “The Ugly Grubling”. Or perhaps one of the other children’s stories might suit your little princess/monster …  from “The Princess and the People” to “The Monster, the Witch and me”, there are a range of stories to suit different occasions and interests.

So don’t forget that this site isn’t just for those considering the quandaries of adult life – it might be just the thing to answer the “tell me a story!” demand that can break even the most efficient multi-tasker.



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