january 2013

With two years of stories behind us, this new year begins the way I believe is most appropriate for alisonearlsALOUD – with a fresh story written especially for the site. The process of writing ‘Chin Music‘ led me to discover some interesting aspects of Caribbean culture and history … so those elements provide colour to a story that has, at its core, the simple concepts of family and expectation. With music and sport added to the mix, this might just be my most universally appealing story yet (?)  Head to the short stories page and read or listen to ‘Chin Music’ and let me know what you think.

The start of 2013 also means that the two anthologies in which I’m lucky to have stories included are now available for purchase. Lightship Anthology 2 (which contains my story ‘Wild Life‘) can be bought from the publisher, Alma Books, or via Amazon (where a kindle edition is also available) or the Book Depository. In addition, digital and print editions of the Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual 2013 (where ‘Cottonmouth‘ is one of the collection) can be ordered online at the Aesthestica Magazine shop. I have no doubt that the other stories in both volumes will make each well worth the purchase irrespective of my contributions.

I do hope you’ll drop in to alisonearlsALOUD throughout 2013 (AND encourage others who might find it interesting to do so as well). I’ll be endeavouring to provide variety in subject matter, style and length/duration so if there isn’t something for everyone available after 2 years, the coming year will rectify that. That’s my promise to cyber-readers and -listeners!

Happy New Year!



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2 responses to “january 2013

  • @sirenofbrixton

    Congratulations on two years of blogging – and on two publications! I hope 2013 is a banner year for you. I really enjoyed Chin Music, you capture the characters and mood beautifully

    • alisonearlsALOUD

      Thanks! For reading, commenting, congratulating and all your generous support of my writing. I’m so glad you liked Chin Music – isn’t writing such an education? If it weren’t for writing (and Google), I’d have much less for my ageing brain cells to dispose of as they depart at an alarming rate.

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