february 2013

The addition of this month’s story marks a milestone – 50 stories uploaded to the site! That includes short, very short and longer stories – both excerpts and complete novella-length pieces. So it’s fitting that this significant event should be reached by a piece of writing containing the influence of some genuinely significant events … having posted my ‘Next Big Thing’ interview last month, I thought I’d follow up by adding another section from my novel-length manuscript, ‘For Laika‘ to the site. The story of the first creature in space juxtaposed with that of a young woman struggling with her role in the changing world of post-WW2 Britain is built on the framework of a couple of  momentous historical incidents so, although the extract ‘A WordSmith; A Lifeline doesn’t deal directly with those, it represents a piece of writing that encompasses milestones, hopefully making it an apt #50 for alisonearlsALOUD.

Julia’s discovery of the poetry of Stevie Smith is the catalyst for change so this excerpt marks an important event in the main (human) character’s life. To place it correctly in the chronology of the full manuscript, it has been put at Podcast #2 under the ‘For Laika‘ excerpts with the subsequent extracts now renamed accordingly. So please head to the ‘longer stories‘ page and read/listen to ‘A WordSmith; A LifeLine‘ to find out how Julia begins to see that she doesn’t have remain ‘Not Waving But Drowning‘.

I hope you enjoy your experience of alisonearlsALOUD this February.



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