may 2013

Hello and Welcome to another month at alisonearlsALOUD!

To give regular readers time to catch up on recent additions, this month sees two very short stories added to the site. ‘A Hat Man‘ illustrates that it’s never too late for reinvention and ‘For the First Time‘ doesn’t stray too far from that theme either – except that the new perspective is not of the subjects’ choosing. The latter was inspired by this video footage, which I’d recommend viewing prior to reading/listening. My words don’t do the moment justice but I couldn’t help trying to imagine what thoughts might occur in this situation.

I hope you find the two new stories interesting and can take some time this month to explore other fiction on the site. (If you don’t know what might suit your reading/listening tastes, just drop a note to the email address below with a couple of examples of your favoured fiction and I’ll get back to you with some recommendations.)


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2 responses to “may 2013

  • Joanne

    I can’t help but feel this might be directed at me? I’m a little behind in my Alison Earls Aloud downloading, but will catch up on the backlog before the soiree on Friday. 🙂

    • alisonearlsALOUD

      I can say without reservation that this was IN NO WAY directed at you. You are one of my most diligent readers/listeners and I’m always extremely grateful for the time you’ve spent with my stories.

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