july 2013


Each new month brings some new fiction and sometimes a dilemma for this writer! Having this site has certainly inspired me to write much more BUT … if any new story meets the criteria for a competition or publication of some kind, I’m often tempted  to hold it back from alisonearlsALOUD to ensure that it remains ‘unpublished’ in any sense and so still eligible for exposure to a wider audience. (You might think that the internet was the widest audience possible but competing with all the other online temptations makes it a challenge to direct traffic to an online fiction site!) So this month I’ve decided to overcome that issue by sharing a piece of fiction that was first drafted some time ago. I’ve done some rewriting on it fairly recently and recorded the audio version specifically so that it can be July’s addition. And it’ll be new to most of you. So I hope you find time to visit the ‘short stories’ page to read or listen toPeripheral Anthropomorphism and the Fall of Troy“. I don’t presume that I can improve on Greek mythology but this is my attempt to add an extra element to a classic tale.

Thanks for your ongoing interest in alisonearlsALOUD – and if you think that any of your friends (in cyberspace or IRL) might find some of the stories to their taste, please spread the word!



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