november 2013

To complete a series of varied additions, November’s ‘Sola (Peace)‘ is a children’s story.

As I age, I realise more and more how impossible it is for anyone to say “I don’t care about politics” because, like it or not, politics is involved in so much of our lives. It affects the medical care we have access to, the education we’re able to receive, the neighbourhoods we live in, the people we interact with in our community and the freedom we have to speak and behave as we choose. It’s about what we value, what we care about and how we want to live our lives each day.

Another plague of ageing is to notice the disparity between what we teach our children and what we advocate as appropriate action on a broader scale. Tolerance, understanding and non-violent communication aren’t always the solutions of those that profess to know better.

What,’ I’m sure you’re asking, ‘does this have to do with a children’s story?‘ and/or ‘oh, no – what’s she going to preach about now?‘ Well, if you can take a moment to read or listen to ‘Sola‘, I do hope you’ll see that there might be ways to look at our world without prejudice or condemnation. If we look at it simply. Through the eyes of a child. Many will say that the ‘real world’ is not a simple place. But sometimes it’s not the worst thing to do to put ourselves in a situation and imagine what it might be like. And what we might do. If we were only 7. And we didn’t see the politics. But the pain and confusion. And instilled in us was the expectation to be kind. And to help other people.



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