december 2013

This post marks 3 full years of monthly additions to alisonearlsALOUD. And though ‘Instinctive‘ is not an uplifting tale of celebration, it indicates the scope that this site has given me in writing fiction for you to read or listen to. To provide variety and to allow me experiment with writing styles, ideas and subjects, the site now spans
~ children’s stories that are fun (with repetition rhyme and rhythm) and those that have a theme or story that might clarify some aspect of life
~ stories for those beyond their childhood – some, a few sentences long and others, just a portion of a novel-length piece of writing
~ tales that are light and aim to make you smile, contrasted with those those with greater complexity that might provoke introspection
~ stories of people, of animals, of places, of times … historically accurate or fantastically fictional … direct and linear or with a structure or style that’s less predictable
I hope there’s something there that has taken your attention in a positive way for a brief period.

If you’re in a pensive mood or you simply want to appreciate your own life through an insight into the challenges that others can endure, I hope listening to or readingInstinctive’ (on the short stories page) will be illuminating. (And I promise an uplifting tale for January to start the New Year!) And/or for those getting into the sporting spirit of the season, why not head to a place where street/beach cricket can be a feature of growing up – in ‘Chin Music‘ (also on the short stories page)? With music and West Indian folklore also in the mix, hopefully the story demonstrates the joys that a zest for life, family and tradition can bring to a community.

Thank you for reading/listening every month. I genuinely don’t write just for me … I write for others to read – to escape for a moment into another place, another feeling, another existence. So I hope I’ve been able to provide that for you once or twice during the last three years.

See you in 2014!



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One response to “december 2013

  • Joanne

    Congratulations Alison. You have created an enormous range of quality content here – from the novel excerpts to the short story readings and now the wonderful illustrations to accompany them. From little things big things grow.

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