january 2014

Happy New Year to loyal subscribers to alisonearlsALOUD! (You’ll see that Charley from the very short story, “Dog Days” greets you with a similar sentiment from the banner at the top of each webpage at the site throughout this month.)

As promised, we’re starting this year with a colourful short story that has joyful exploration at its heart. ‘… indigo & violet‘ isn’t all sunshine, though. Every life has periods of rain. However, when the sunshine and showers combine – and an imaginative parent is inspired into action –, a childhood can become the foundation for a life of adventure and embraced opportunities.

I hope you enjoy listening to / reading ‘… indigo & violet‘ and that I’m able to provide you all with some entertainment throughout the coming year.

And don’t forget … I welcome any feedback AND new readers/listeners … so you can become an ‘active listener’ by getting in touch with me and/or others about any/all of the stories you find at alisonearlsALOUD.

I hope 2014 is a year of good things for you and those close to you and that one or two of my stories might provide a few welcome interludes in your busy lives.




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