march 2014


With the Christmas/New Year period of respite well behind and everyone at full speed for a year of activity, this month’s addition to alisonearlsALOUD is a bite-sized story that should fit into any busy day. (And perhaps provide food for thought in the breathing spaces?) The very short storyThe Key Note‘ looks at one direction our world could be heading in … or perhaps it’s always been this way? At a minute and a half of listening time, the audio/podcast is a palatable morsel – or you can read the text on the ‘very short stories‘ page. And if you haven’t checked out January’s ‘… indigo & violet‘, head to ‘short stories‘ for a catch-up. (It’s certainly a less cynical look at how we might approach our lives than ‘The Key Note‘ demonstrates!)

I hope you’ll keep checking in to alisonearlsALOUD for a fictional escape.




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