june 2014


I’d like to introduce you to Claude. He’s one of the three main characters in ‘The Piranha Dances’:

thepiranhadancesFor lonely office worker, Bernadette, dancing class is the focus of each week – the only time she really comes alive. But still she dreams of something more. Claude finds himself at a remedial class in the underground art of hand dancing after a restaurant injury has left him struggling with his loss of identity. And from the comfort and predictability of her retirement, Mrs Trudovic attends the secret classes for a little entertainment. None of the three is what they might seem to be on the surface.

Claude is the focus of this month’s addition to alisonearlsALOUD. In the excerpt entitled ‘Remedial‘ on the longer stories page, you’ll get a glimpse into what plagues him and what drives him. And if you haven’t already read/listened to the other extracts, perhaps this will give you the interest to delve deeper to discover more about Bernadette and Mrs Trudovic in ‘Performance‘ and ‘The Postcard Ladies‘ and all three in ‘The Three‘. Although they are pieces from a novel-length manuscript, each aims to stand alone as a mini-story or character sketch that illustrates life in all its untidy detail.

Thanks for your interest (and don’t forget to spread the word … free fiction at alisonearlsALOUD – made even more palatable because WE do the READING for you!)



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