july 2014

A new month and a new short story at alisonearlsALOUD!

Seized Wheels and Wasteland‘ describes a few minutes with three men in a role we all regularly overlook. With our own lives so full, it can be a challenge to consider what others might be experiencing. But sometimes it can help – with perspective, our hurdles might shrink just a little and our hidden treasures might suddenly begin to glow. How we choose to perceive things can make all the difference. So perhaps taking the few minutes to listen to or read this month’s short story might help to bring a new view, just for a moment.

A fresh insight, a diversion, a feeling that connects us to others … those are things that inspire me to write. I hope that I can sometimes provide those things to people who take the time to read or listen. Being human is never easy so an interlude that takes us back to that can’t hurt. And maybe it can give perspective to the day-to-day tasks that face you. Just for a while.

Thanks for your interest. And if you’ve ever read anything that you think others might enjoy, please forward a link and spread the word. I might write alone but, in my mind, there are many people reading over my shoulder!


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