october 2014

Hello and welcome to a new month at alisonearlsALOUD!

October’s new ‘very short story‘ is for those, like my Mum, who sometimes indulge in a eerie tale. Clearly, it’s no Stephen King and “On the Water” is so short, there’s no opportunity to build up the tension of a true mystery or suspenseful thriller. But can 87 words conjure some elements of the twisted ‘Tales of the Unexpected’? If you can take a minute to listen or read, maybe you can answer the questions that the characters can’t. And if the situation ‘on the water lingers for a few more minutes in your mind, then maybe I’ve been able to capture an inkling of the unnerving scenarios that can engage so many readers. And if not, well … I gave it a try!

Thanks for visiting the site … and if you’ve got more than a minute, why not look around a bit and catch up on any stories you might have missed?




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