december 2014

This month’s post completes four years of online stories at alisonearlsALOUD. Thanks so much to those that have followed for any or all of that time.

Fiction is very much an individual experience and hopefully there’s been enough variety on the pages of the site to provide something to interest you – and those you know – whatever your taste. If you haven’t had time to sample everything, some of my personal highlights include:

The Man who was followed by butterflies
Hunting the Tiger
Wild Life
Of the Land

For the Love of Derek (very short stories)
On the Water (very short stories)

Over the Wall (children’s stories)
Sola (Peace) (children’s stories)

Clenville Rubasco … Enhancing Any Moment (audio version, longer stories)
Which Weather (audio with pictures, children’s stories)

Perhaps in the quiet times over the festive period, you can listen to some of the stories that you haven’t had time for during the busy year. Or … just read or listen to this month’s new addition, ‘The Blower‘ – a ‘short story‘ that is almost very short but not quite (at 2.5 minutes, it’s just right to go with that rushed cuppa or the time spent in the supermarket checkout queue!)

Next post: Next Year … more new fiction. Please keep reading and listening … and tell your friends!




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