february 2015

Hello aeALOUD subscribers

This month’s addition is intentionally silent (i.e. no audio version). As a story constructed of written notes and letters that were never meant to be read aloud, it just didn’t work to record a spoken rendition. Also, so many people in the position of the protagonist have no voice in our society so it seemed sadly apt in that respect as well.

Dear David” began when I heard a radio news item that led me to think – as I have after hearing so many similar stories – ‘what must it be like to have the person that you love the most become the person that you fear or even loathe the most?‘ I am very lucky never to have been in that position but the deterioration of a relationship from once being the source of your bliss to a plague that torments you can’t be anything but a nightmare. And though for some, the change may be abrupt, probably for many it’s a seeping, gradual decline. So I wanted to try and write about what it could be like from the inside of that. And in the week when Rosie Batty was named Australian of Year, it seemed even more appropriate to give some thought to what so many people endure … with tragic outcomes. Those of us lucky enough to not find ourselves in that kind of hell want only to support those who do so I hope my effort at a piece of fiction causes no offence if it doesn’t truly reflect the reality of such situations. I’d like to just shine a small light on a dark place so that some of us reach a better understanding of what others’ lives can be like.

“Dear David” is introduced on the ‘short stories‘ page and can be read in full here.

Thanks to you all for your interest.



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