march 2015

Hello alisonearlsALOUD subscribers/followers

This month’s new addition, the ‘very short story‘ ‘Universal‘ is my (inadvertently poetic) tribute to something that sustains many.

The subject of the story is an elixir, a ritual, a communal activity. It is invigorating, soothing and unifying. Because, although it exists in many forms, it is a cultural touchpoint throughout the world. It invokes ceremony – sometimes formal, sometime the epitome of relaxation. For some, it is an emergency cure, for others a familiar habit. But for many, it is something they can’t imagine their lives without. It is, in many ways, ‘Universal’ … but my story is inspired by my mother and my grandmother’s devotion to this simple treasure. I hope you enjoy reading or listening to the story (WITH the appropriate accompaniment).


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