april 2015

This might be a day for Fools but it’s up to you to decide which – if any – of the characters in April’s new additions could be labelled that way. (Or perhaps it’s the writer so irked by the daily leaf blower outside that she’s penned a trilogy on that subject who’s the real fool!)

The Blower II‘ and ‘The Blower III‘ tell the stories of two new characters and their fixation on the leaf blower who parades the pavement every day in the suburban street. Different perspectives but perhaps some shared conclusions? Head to the ‘short stories’ page and scroll down to find II and III positioned under ‘The Blower‘. And get in touch if you share my obvious scorn OR wish to refute it. In a world cowed by important issues, sometimes you just have to take a stand.

But seriously … I hope you enjoy reading or listening to the new additions (or to any other stories on the site) during April. A break from the genuine challenges of daily life into a few minutes of fiction could be a pleasant diversion.



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