may 2015

It’s May and time for a new story at alisonearlsALOUD.

This month, although “A Cat – Inside & Outside“, can be found under ‘children’s stories‘, I think there’ll be those of more advanced years that might enjoy this 5 minute interlude. It was inspired by a friend, (pictured here) and if you listen or read, there might be a few bonus surprises in and around the text page or the listing on the ‘children’s stories’ page if you hunt around.

Have a good month … and whoever has created it, try and indulge in a little exploration into the world of fiction if you can.



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One response to “may 2015

  • giddynikki

    Loved it – (loved the cat’s muttering!) and can just see those kitties. Actually could see it with beautiful feathery illustrations. Have you read it to them yet?

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