june 2015

This month’s addition to ‘ALOUD’ – now listenable as well as the previewed text version – might be too overtly political for some (even though I’ve attempted a cautionary tale through metaphor). Please be reassured that the site won’t suddenly be going in that direction but maintaining the variety of themes and styles that I’ve aimed for since January 2011. However, with the world around us constantly throwing up tales of human challenge, it’s difficult to continue writing about things that don’t exist in reality and will never matter. I can’t speak for other fiction writers but I’m compelled by human stories. I write to try and highlight some of things that people experience – particularly emotionally – in the hope that we’ll find connections in a world where it’s too easy to be buried in our own concerns. So when we hear of people who have been dealt a cruel hand enduring even more cruelty, it’s hard not to try and make sense of it all.

I’m sure many will say that the real issues are much more complicated than a simple story can convey. And in many cases, I’d agree. But sometimes, someone somewhere has to stop using the ‘too hard basket’ and realise that if no one is in the perfect position to help, those that are in a better position should be doing whatever they can.

End of editorial.

If you’d like to share ‘Dr Ayarts and the Out-of-Hours Patients‘, I’d appreciate it.
It not, come back next month for something much more frivolous.


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