july 2015

Hello aeALOUD followers/subscribers

No ‘soundbite’ for you all this month – July’s new addition is a little more substantial. We all like different kinds of fiction – subject matter, style and even duration. So for those that prefer their stories to be a bit more than a fast food snack, the first course of a ‘low GI’ option can be consumed on the ‘longer stories‘ page now. Chapter 1 of “Wassans” is available to read or listen to as usual and ensuing chapters will be released intermittently over coming months. This is a story specially written for this site so I hope you enjoy it. (And that perhaps you’ll spread the word to others who might appreciate some free fiction – in audio or text format.)

Thanks for your interest.


P.S. One of my stories made another longlist – this time, for the Bath Short Story Award. The shortlist of 10 was announced yesterday at 9pm(Aus)/12 noon(UK) and although my entry, “Inside Out” wasn’t included in that select group, it did make the longlist of 50 selected from 1000+ entries. So, a small success.

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