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Just a quick mid-month alert to let you know that alisonearlsALOUD is about to reach a wider audience … and that can include you too!

The radio program ‘All the Best’, which airs on about 20 stations nationally via the Community Radio Network, was looking for fiction podcasts and when I submitted a few of my recordings, they got back in touch and organised for me to re-record my stories at 4zzzFM in Brisbane to ensure the audio was broadcast quality. Now, one of those stories will be included in this week’s program that has the theme ‘Past in Present’.
My story “Music of the Rain” is a reworked extract from the podcast on the alisonearlsALOUD site, Clenville Rubasco … Enhancing Any Moment” (on the ‘longer stories’ page). As those who have listened to that podcast will know, music is an intrinsic element – so after my voice was recorded at tripleZ, I edited in the beautiful performance by Sivan Silver & Gil Garburg of Debussy’s Scherzando, En Blanc et Noir … and the end result will be included in
at 10:30am on Saturday 11th July
To listen live, you can tune in to your local community station if you know it airs ‘All the Best’, or you can stream the program via FBi’s (Sydney community radio station) website. Then the podcast will go up on their website and on iTunes after that.
I hope you’ll give it a listen and spread the word. My contribution is just 4 minutes long but it’s 4 minutes I think turned out pretty well. And that’s thanks to:
  • Sky Kirkham – a freelance producer who put in the time to do the important stuff for me at tripleZ;
  • Emma Koehn – the Reviews Editor at The Writers Bloc (an online publishing alternative that supports new voices in writing) whose Blocast Project was the conduit for contributions;
  • Jess O’Callaghan and Heidi Pett, the Executive Producers of All the Best; and of course
  • Sivan Silver and Gil Garburg for being so kind in giving me permission to use their work in my story.
alisonearlsALOUD is all about sharing my writing with others so this is a really satisfying extension of that. So, if you tell your friends and they like what they hear at ‘All the Best’, be sure to encourage them to sign on to follow alisonearlsALOUD for more of the same each month.

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