august 2015

Hello aeALOUD listeners/readers!

One new ‘very short story‘ and one (almost very) ‘short story‘ this month – with quite different styles and subjects. Please check out ‘He is Saved‘ and ‘Police Tense‘ when you have a couple of minutes.

And if you didn’t get the chance to listen to ‘Music of the Rain‘ on the national Community Radio Network last month, you can head to the episode page at the “All the Best” website and hear it whenever you’re able. (The whole program is really interesting but if you don’t have 28 minutes, then my contribution is at 19:35.) I’m really proud to have had it included and it was such a bonus to have the opportunity to record a story with professional equipment and producers.

Thanks for your ongoing interest in this writer’s fiction – if you discover a story that you think might appeal to a friend, please feel free to share the link … these stories cost nothing but a little time (and it can be a VERY little time).

‘All the Best’,



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