march 2016

Well …

after more than 5 years and 89 stories, it’s time for a change. My writing priorities in recent times have been away from the world of fiction and, on top of that, alisonearlsALOUD is due for a revamp. So your inboxes won’t get monthly emails from me for while.

I am, though, hoping to return in due course with some fresh new ideas, so don’t unsubscribe/unfollow/delete/forget this possible source of future entertainment/interest. (And you can use this hiatus to catch up on any reading/listening you might not have had the chance for in the last few years! alisonearlsALOUD will remain active and available as it currently is until a future relaunch.)

Thanks to you all for your interest during the first phase of alisonearlsALOUD … I look forward to the time I get in touch again with a fresh approach to sharing storytelling with the wider world.




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