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It took me decades to realise that one of the things I really loved about writing was reading it aloud. And when I told my dear friend, Robyn Evans, of my revelation, it took her seconds to say the word ‘podcast’. So it was suddenly clear that I should try recording readings and putting them online. Thanks, Robyn! Your insight and support (and cajoling) have prompted this site … and I look forward to the fruits of future cajoling.

… alison earls

Alison has been a kindergarten teacher, an office temp, a bartender, waitress and shop assistant. She has also studied acting (performing at the Edinburgh and Melbourne Fringe Festivals) and filmmaking (her first short film, ‘Spin,’ screened at the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival). Her postgraduate studies in Creative Writing have led to her current incarnation as a freelance writer (and graphic designer) with a number of short stories published in anthologies and online and three novel-length fiction manuscripts biding their time on her computer.


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