children’s stories

These have been written to be produced as picture books for children from 3 to 8 years old. In that format, the words would be accompanied by a series of illustrations. Here, however, they follow the format of this site – an audio file as the story is read aloud and a page of text for those who prefer the written word.




Best Kind of MagicBest Kind of Magic

What is better than things? Perhaps Jaxx was about to find out …

or download Best Kind of Magic

8.46 mins / 8.4 MB

Grey Day
Grey Day

Marnie was having a grey day. Her Grandma knew. But her Grandma wondered …

or download Grey Day

6.15 mins / 6 MB 


A Cat – Inside & OutsideA Cat – Inside & Outside

She had food, comfort and a world to watch. But those birds …

or download  A Cat – Inside & Outside     Click to see whether the real cat has wings or not …         

5.31 mins / 5.3 MB


thefirstflyingcrocodileThe First Flying Crocodile

Tibo learnt to bide his time. And then one day he was the oldest and the biggest … and the first.

or download  The First Flying Crocodile

5.00 mins / 2.4 MB


 Which Weather
Which Weather?

Sunshine, storms or a blustering breeze – they all bring something special to a day … but which weather do you like most of all?

or download  Which Weather?

1:33 mins / 754 KB



Not sportspeople, not thrillseekers, not performers … but YOU. Once you know what ‘brave’ really is, you’ll see who should be proud of having the courage to give things a try.

or download Brave

2:31 mins / 1.2 MB


Sola (Peace)Sola (Peace)

Poya had been travelling through the darkness for a long time. But sunshine and peace were almost within reach. It wouldn’t be long before …

or download  Sola

2:42 mins / 1.3 MB


The Ugly Grubling

He’d heard about the duckling turning to a swan and the caterpillar to a butterfly – but what’s the future for a grub who’ll stay a grub …?

or download  The Ugly Grubling

7:20 mins / 3.5 MB


What Do I Think?

What if … ?

or download  What Do I Think?

2:10 mins / 1 MB


A Quiet Man

Mr Macaroon wasn’t part of anyone’s life but his own.
But he still had plenty to smile about.

or download  A Quiet Man

4:06 mins / 2 MB

and, as a companion piece …


A Cranky Man

Mr Catsoulis wasn’t part of anyone’s life but his own.
But he was too angry and sad to have room for anyone
even if they’d wanted to come in.

or download  A Cranky Man

5:42 mins / 2.7 MB


Over the Wall

Eight animals are missing from the zoo … will they find them? And how exactly did they get out?

or download  Over the Wall

1:54 mins / 900 KB

AND, to look at illustrations while you listen, click here
(or click the story icon for pictures and text)


His Own Rainbow

When Mica’s grandpa told him that he was special, he had something to carry with him when life didn’t seem so fair.

or download  His Own Rainbow

2:43 mins / 1.2 MB


The Monster, the Witch and Me

What could be lurking in the night?
Imagine giving IT a fright!

or download The Monster the Witch and Me

5:40 mins / 2.6 MB

An Angel in the Puddle

His father left Darius with a great power – one that ensures that they are never truly apart.

or download An Angel in the Puddle

1:48 mins / 848 KB


The Princess and the People

The King and the Queen help their Princess to understand that the things that injure her don’t have to rule her life.

or download The Princess and the People

5:47 mins / 2.7 MB

Travelling Time

Jem’s visit to the dentist looms. But perhaps his Mum knows how to make the time fly by. …

now only available as part of anthology,
‘100 Stories for Queensland’

(more info in 7 February 2011 and 16 May 2011 posts)


2 responses to “children’s stories

  • nikki johnston

    I love Over the Wall! Children everywhere are so lucky I’m no longer teaching as I would love to read this one – again and again and again… (although something tells me they would love to hear it and read it with me again and again and again too!)

    • alisonearlsALOUD

      You are too kind. And those children’s loss is the gain of jewellery lovers everywhere (thanks to And I’ve you to thank for helping me hone my digital illustration skills – those dogs on K9 of Hearts Playing Cards were the foundation of the techniques I used to draw the gorillas et al for this story! Thanks for reading and extra thanks for enjoying!

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