march 2016

Well …

after more than 5 years and 89 stories, it’s time for a change. My writing priorities in recent times have been away from the world of fiction and, on top of that, alisonearlsALOUD is due for a revamp. So your inboxes won’t get monthly emails from me for while.

I am, though, hoping to return in due course with some fresh new ideas, so don’t unsubscribe/unfollow/delete/forget this possible source of future entertainment/interest. (And you can use this hiatus to catch up on any reading/listening you might not have had the chance for in the last few years! alisonearlsALOUD will remain active and available as it currently is until a future relaunch.)

Thanks to you all for your interest during the first phase of alisonearlsALOUD … I look forward to the time I get in touch again with a fresh approach to sharing storytelling with the wider world.




february 2016


February is a magic month at alisonearlsALOUD. The “Best Kind of Magic” can be encountered via audio on the ‘children’s stories’  page or it can be read here. As the school year begins and new relationships and values are still malleable things, it might be something that strikes a chord for the under 8s. See what you think.

And if you’re a visual person, don’t forget to check out the ‘look!’ page. There’s an icon/image for every story on the website. If you click on one, you can scan the whole gallery at an enlarged scale. Some are as simple as they appear at a glance but others … well, you might be surprised as what you’d find on the window sill of ‘A Cranky Man’. Have a ‘look!’ sometime.


january 2016

Something new (and old) for 2016 … it’s a flashback to a piece of writing I did almost two decades ago (so bear that in mind!) but as an addition to the site, it’s not just an audio experience but a visual one as well. And since film scripts don’t always make the most poetic of reading experiences, there’s nothing but the link to the ‘I Still Close My Eyes’ on YouTube on the ‘short stories‘ page. See what you think.

And a very Happy New Year to you all.


december 2015

It might be sunny and hot where you are, it might it cold and snowing … but whatever the weather, we can all have a ‘Grey Day‘. This month’s new story at alisonearlsALOUD is under “children’s stories” but it’s likely that readers/listeners of every age will relate to it – some more than others. I wish you all as few grey days as possible and an enjoyable festive season.

[Incidentally, this month’s addition marks the completion of 5 years of sending out new fiction into cyberspace every month. If, in your internet travels, you’ve encountered some and enjoyed a few, thank you. If you can utilise your technology to spread the word, I’d appreciate it (in the hopes that those you pass it on to will appreciate one or two of the stories).]


november 2015


It’s November at alisonearlsALOUD so why not drop by and check out the new short story OR some of the other fiction you might not have had the chance to catch up on yet? (Thisthis … or maybe one of these?)

This month’s addition is called ‘Spring/Summer‘ … until now a term most often used in the world of fashion. But in recent days, here in the Southern Hemisphere, I realised that there are some events or sights that define that middle ground – markers of the border between the season of emerging new life and that of sunshine and freedom and full bloom. So one of those Spring/Summer sights inspired November’s addition to the site … a story about a place between two worlds, a state of uncertainty, a period between inaction and action. For all the living things involved.

I hope you enjoy reading/listening to it. And whatever else you might discover at alisonearlsALOUD.

Thanks for your continued interest!


october 2015

A new month … but for many of us, life goes on with its hiccups, its glitches, its surprises and its pitfalls – irrespective of the calendar.

Ah, life, life, life … can it be summed up in just one ‘very short story‘?

september 2015


The second instalment of “Wassans” is the September addition to alisonearlsALOUD. So if you’ve been intrigued by Chapter 1, you can read “Wassans Chapter 2” this month by clicking on the links here or listen by heading to the ‘longer stories‘ page to access the media player or download link. And if you haven’t had the chance to read/listen to Chapter 1, you can binge by consuming both if you’ve got half an hour to spare! And of course, there’s more to come in this serialised story so stay tuned for more Wassans in upcoming months … interspersed with other bits of fiction to keep the variety coming.

Thanks for reading/listening!


august 2015

Hello aeALOUD listeners/readers!

One new ‘very short story‘ and one (almost very) ‘short story‘ this month – with quite different styles and subjects. Please check out ‘He is Saved‘ and ‘Police Tense‘ when you have a couple of minutes.

And if you didn’t get the chance to listen to ‘Music of the Rain‘ on the national Community Radio Network last month, you can head to the episode page at the “All the Best” website and hear it whenever you’re able. (The whole program is really interesting but if you don’t have 28 minutes, then my contribution is at 19:35.) I’m really proud to have had it included and it was such a bonus to have the opportunity to record a story with professional equipment and producers.

Thanks for your ongoing interest in this writer’s fiction – if you discover a story that you think might appeal to a friend, please feel free to share the link … these stories cost nothing but a little time (and it can be a VERY little time).

‘All the Best’,


alisonearlsALOUD … on radio


Just a quick mid-month alert to let you know that alisonearlsALOUD is about to reach a wider audience … and that can include you too!

The radio program ‘All the Best’, which airs on about 20 stations nationally via the Community Radio Network, was looking for fiction podcasts and when I submitted a few of my recordings, they got back in touch and organised for me to re-record my stories at 4zzzFM in Brisbane to ensure the audio was broadcast quality. Now, one of those stories will be included in this week’s program that has the theme ‘Past in Present’.
My story “Music of the Rain” is a reworked extract from the podcast on the alisonearlsALOUD site, Clenville Rubasco … Enhancing Any Moment” (on the ‘longer stories’ page). As those who have listened to that podcast will know, music is an intrinsic element – so after my voice was recorded at tripleZ, I edited in the beautiful performance by Sivan Silver & Gil Garburg of Debussy’s Scherzando, En Blanc et Noir … and the end result will be included in
at 10:30am on Saturday 11th July
To listen live, you can tune in to your local community station if you know it airs ‘All the Best’, or you can stream the program via FBi’s (Sydney community radio station) website. Then the podcast will go up on their website and on iTunes after that.
I hope you’ll give it a listen and spread the word. My contribution is just 4 minutes long but it’s 4 minutes I think turned out pretty well. And that’s thanks to:
  • Sky Kirkham – a freelance producer who put in the time to do the important stuff for me at tripleZ;
  • Emma Koehn – the Reviews Editor at The Writers Bloc (an online publishing alternative that supports new voices in writing) whose Blocast Project was the conduit for contributions;
  • Jess O’Callaghan and Heidi Pett, the Executive Producers of All the Best; and of course
  • Sivan Silver and Gil Garburg for being so kind in giving me permission to use their work in my story.
alisonearlsALOUD is all about sharing my writing with others so this is a really satisfying extension of that. So, if you tell your friends and they like what they hear at ‘All the Best’, be sure to encourage them to sign on to follow alisonearlsALOUD for more of the same each month.

july 2015

Hello aeALOUD followers/subscribers

No ‘soundbite’ for you all this month – July’s new addition is a little more substantial. We all like different kinds of fiction – subject matter, style and even duration. So for those that prefer their stories to be a bit more than a fast food snack, the first course of a ‘low GI’ option can be consumed on the ‘longer stories‘ page now. Chapter 1 of “Wassans” is available to read or listen to as usual and ensuing chapters will be released intermittently over coming months. This is a story specially written for this site so I hope you enjoy it. (And that perhaps you’ll spread the word to others who might appreciate some free fiction – in audio or text format.)

Thanks for your interest.


P.S. One of my stories made another longlist – this time, for the Bath Short Story Award. The shortlist of 10 was announced yesterday at 9pm(Aus)/12 noon(UK) and although my entry, “Inside Out” wasn’t included in that select group, it did make the longlist of 50 selected from 1000+ entries. So, a small success.

june 2015

This month’s addition to ‘ALOUD’ – now listenable as well as the previewed text version – might be too overtly political for some (even though I’ve attempted a cautionary tale through metaphor). Please be reassured that the site won’t suddenly be going in that direction but maintaining the variety of themes and styles that I’ve aimed for since January 2011. However, with the world around us constantly throwing up tales of human challenge, it’s difficult to continue writing about things that don’t exist in reality and will never matter. I can’t speak for other fiction writers but I’m compelled by human stories. I write to try and highlight some of things that people experience – particularly emotionally – in the hope that we’ll find connections in a world where it’s too easy to be buried in our own concerns. So when we hear of people who have been dealt a cruel hand enduring even more cruelty, it’s hard not to try and make sense of it all.

I’m sure many will say that the real issues are much more complicated than a simple story can convey. And in many cases, I’d agree. But sometimes, someone somewhere has to stop using the ‘too hard basket’ and realise that if no one is in the perfect position to help, those that are in a better position should be doing whatever they can.

End of editorial.

If you’d like to share ‘Dr Ayarts and the Out-of-Hours Patients‘, I’d appreciate it.
It not, come back next month for something much more frivolous.


early june 2015

The text version of one of June’s additions is now available as an early read for subscribers. (The podcast will follow on June the 1st.) As today’s news brought this story to life, I thought I’d release it today too. Click here to read.