longer stories (excerpts)

As bite-sized portions from novel-length manuscripts, each of these offers a glance into the world of the complete story but hopefully will still, in themselves, entertain, absorb or intrigue.


Genuine Cherry Red

Marta, Ena and Len’s lives are stagnating. Until the hero from Len’s fictional novels suddenly appears in their lives.



Podcast 1 of an ongoing series

or download Ribbons .    .    .    .    .    .    . 7:36 mins / 3.5 MB

Podcast 2 of an ongoing series

or download Len .    .    .    .    .    .    .    . . 8:13 mins / 3.8 MB

Podcast 3 of an ongoing series
Brought to Life

or download Brought to Life .    .    .  . 15:31 mins / 7.1 MB


The Piranha Dances

The story of three people, whose involvement in the underground world of Hand Dancing begins to impact on their real lives.


Podcast 1 of an ongoing series

or download  Performance .    .    .    . . .   . 8:13 mins / 3.8 MB


.For Laika

A dog enclosed in a claustrophobic environment. A woman struggling to find meaning within the domestic role assigned to her in 1950s London.
When the plight of the first living creature in space influences the life of a young English woman, it’s the beginning of some significant changes across the globe.


Podcast 1 of an ongoing series
Old Places, New Places

or download Old Places New Places .    .    . 12.31 mins / 5.7 MB


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