What Do I Think?


What do I think? said Ernesto McSpink

I think what I think no one thinks I should think

I think all the loud people should just quieten down

I think all the bright colours should be changed to brown

And then when that’s done, here’s what else I think

That the soft should be loud and the brown should be pink

Well, not so much “should” but “what if it were?”

What if things were reversed, … changed, …didn’t occur?

Do things have to be as they are in the world?

Must grass be green? Must pigs’ tails all be curled?

‘Grass can turn brown’, I just heard someone say

. ‘My pig’s tail is straight!’ comes a voice from the hay

. Well, that might be true, I will answer to those

. But what if an elephant had a snub nose?

. What if puddles were dry? What if deserts were wet?

. What if buses could fly? (Just how far could we get?)

. What if bears were all blue? What if buildings had fur?

. What if there were no walls or chairs started to purr?

. I think so many things – every minute, each day

. That I wonder if others all think this same way

. Or do they think differently, thinking I’m strange?

Do they think that I think that they think I should change?

I like it, you see, having all kinds of thoughts

Supposing, imagining, thinking all sorts

If it made me angry or stressed, I would stop

But it makes my day interesting, bottom to top

From early ‘til late, from beginning to end

Then finish to start and all back again

I wonder and muse, I consider and dwell

But what do I think of the most? I will tell

It’s something I won’t find out ever UNLESS

YOU help with the answer – so divulge, say, confess

What’s in your head right now, tell me all your ideas

Turn the world upside down and throw out all your fears

Make thoughts float into words (now don’t let them sink)

And tell me, please tell me, just what do YOU think?


*  *  *


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