Which Weather?


Which Weather? Which Weather? They all sat togethersunstormswind
And wondered and wondered and said …



“Sunshine’s the best,” smiled Katey. “It’s bright and happy and golden.”




“Thunder and lightning for me,” said Rohan. “It’s like fireworks in the sky. … and scary!” He loomed over Katey with wide eyes.

Roh chooses light shows and
Kate goes with sunny
But could there be something instead?

.Katey laughed at Rohan’s Scary Face and turned to Jai.
“What about you?” she asked. “What’s your favourite kind of weather?”

Jai’s voice was softer than the others, already in his memories.
“I love the wind. It makes the laundry into dancing people
and speeds sailing boats along the river.
It blows the burn out of a hot day and
lifts flags so they can properly salute.”
He stopped for a moment and sighed.
“And when my head feels all muddled or I’m messy and bothered,
the wind washes all the tangles away. And I’m cool and clean. …
The wind is the best. … I like the wind.”

Wind brings things to life, softens hot days with cool
The wind combs the clutter away

But Which Weather do you like? Which Weather’s your pick …?
To bring out the best in a day?


2 responses to “Which Weather?

  • Mark

    Mark thinks sunshine is best – great for the beach. Abi loves snow because then you can ski 🙂

    • alisonearlsALOUD

      … and Alison favours a windy day (though maybe you can tell that from the story!) With the mixture of the weather we get, isn’t it lucky we’re all different? Then whatever the weather, someone is happy! Thanks so much for checking out the story!!

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